Fees and Charges
General Transactions
Stamp duty 0.13% of transaction amount (rounded up to the nearest dollar)
SFC Transaction Levy 0.0027% of transaction amount
HKEx Trading Fee 0.005% of transaction amount
CCASS Clearing Fee 0.002% of transaction amount
(minimum HK$2, maximum HK$100)
CCASS Depository Services
Physical Stock Deposit HK$5 per transfer deed
Physical Stock Withdrawal HK$5 per board lot (odd lot treated as board lot) +
HK$50 handling charge per each stock
Stock Deposit via CCASS Free of charge
Stock Withdrawal via CCASS (SI) 0.002% of total amount (minimum HK$100)
Stock Withdrawal via CCASS (ISI) Free of charge
Transfer Deed Stamp Duty HK$5 per share certificate
Stock Registration
Physical Stock HK$2.5 per share certificate + handling fee HK$200
CCASS Stock HK$1.50 per board lot
Nominee Services & Corporate Actions
Custodian Fee Free of charge
Scrip Fee HK$1.50 per board lot
Cash Dividend/ Refund Collection 0.5% of dividend payment (minimum HK$20)
Bonus shares/ Bonus Warrants/ Rights Issue Collection HK$1 per board lot (minimum HK$20)
Warrants/ Rights/ Covered Warrants Issue Subscription HK$1 per board lot (minimum HK$20)
Callable Bull/Bear Contracts residual value Collection Handling charge HK$150 + CCASS charges
Share Split/ Consolidation/ Voting Free of charge
Shares Privatization/ Covered Warrants Exercise HK$0.8 per board lot (minimum HK$100)
Handling of unclaimed benefits entitlement 1% of dividend amount (minimum HK$300) + CCASS charge$200
Other Account Services
EIPO Subscription (via CCASS) HK$30
Copy of Daily/Monthly Statement HK$50 per month
Cash Withdrawal Fee Cheque - Waived
Telegraphic transfer (TT) – bank charge + handling HK$200
Local transfer (CHATS) – bank charge + handling HK$150 
Return Cheque HK$200 per transaction
Dormant Account Service Fee Free of charge

Notes: The charges above are for reference only, charges are subjected to change by the Company at any time without prior notice. If you have any enquiry, please contact your Account Executive.